Human biology meets technology

IMAGINE a restaurant where a chef logs into your brain and cooks the food you have been craving all day, without you having to place an order.

It may sound like a scene from a science fiction film, but a new report into the technological transformation of Australian business says such visions will become reality.

Accountancy software firm MYOB's latest Future of Business report focuses on the "augmented human" to imagine how businesses will operate in 2040.

MYOB chief technology officer Simon Raik-Allen said the blending of human biology and technology was inevitable.

"Just a few years ago, none of us could conceive of carrying around the amount of computing power we do today in our smart devices. Imagine having an exponentially greater level of technological capability, quite literally at your fingertips, or tucked away in your skull," he said.

"The more our technology and our humanity start to merge, at some point, we'll become indistinguishable from the technology itself. Even our biology will begin to fade. That will be the rise of the new human."

Mr Raik-Allen said all predictions were based on the evolution of technology currently in development, or even in use.

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