Crush’s brutal pros and cons list

A woman has turned to the internet for advice after making a discovery in her crush’s house — a brutal pros and cons list about her. Picture: iStock
A woman has turned to the internet for advice after making a discovery in her crush’s house — a brutal pros and cons list about her. Picture: iStock

A WOMAN turned to the internet for advice after making a discovery in her crush's house.

The anonymous poster took to Reddit to ask for advice after finding a "pros and cons list" in her friend's house.

The Redditor, who admitted she'd liked her mate's brother for months, confessed that the scribblings had crushed her self-esteem, The Sun reports.

She explained: "Last night, we were all hanging out at my friend's house while his brother was out, and we found a piece of paper lying on the table.

"On it was a pros and cons list ... about me."

The woman admitted that her crush hadn't had many 'nice' things to say, apart from his observation that she's a "human female who might actually want to f***."

Then the cruel note went on to observe all the things he didn't like about his admirer, making sly digs at her appearance and personality.

The Reddit user said: "He made fun of my teeth, my voice, called me clingy ... and girlie and annoying.

"He also wrote that I have 'no plan whatsoever' (I've just escaped from a long abusive relationship and moved back home and am fighting PTSD)."

If that wasn't crushing enough the scorned woman then said he had brainstormed ways to find another girlfriend, according to The Sun.

After reading the brutal list, the poster admitted that she'd changed her mind about her crush.

She said: "My feelings for him are obviously gone, but my feelings for myself have taken a huge hit.

"Should I call him out? What do I do now?"

The majority of Reddit users urged the poster to try and put the insults behind her.

One said: "Sounds like you actually dodged a bullet.

"Consider this knowledge a gift, because it sounds like you would have been hurt way more if you'd actually got closer to this man-child."

Another agreed: "Your 'crush' is immature and a jerk. Now you know.

"My recommendations: Don't dwell on negativity."

Despite this, not everyone was sympathetic towards the poster.

One Redditor said: "We all make judgments on the people we encounter in the dating pool. They're not always nice."

Another agreed: "Everyone should make a list of characteristics they need to have in a life partner and stick to their list."

This article was republished from The Sun with permission.

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