The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hit the cinemas at midnight this morning across Australia to packed theatres.

And it wasn’t hard to see why.

While the first 40 minutes of the film followed the same clumsy feel of New Moon, from the minute the new nemesis is revealed, it kicks into high gear in true Twilight style.

This time around there was something for everyone.

There was sickeningly sweet relationships and heads-being-ripped-off-violence, even a little horror for old-style vampire fans.

The CGI on the other hand leaves much to be desired.

Again there were references that you would only get if you had read the novels several times (if you don’t get the “Switzerland” scene, you need to read it again).

Hats off to Jackson Rathbone who plays Jasper in this one.

Back with a new hair cut, the star of the upcoming flick Avatar: the Last Airbender traded in his role as a hazard to Bella’s health to become the audiences guide to vampires.

And it’s much needed, with Bella under threat from an old foe, the Cullen family must defend her against an army of newborn vampires who need a little explanation to be plausible.

If it’s eye-candy you want, there isn’t as much as last time but stick around – Taylor Lautner goes shirtless for the girls again in his role as werewolf Jacob Black.

So if you want more romance that you can stand, action sequences galore and lots of very hunky men, pop on down to your local cinema.

Eclipse will be running for the next two months.

3.75 stars out of five

For photos from the Coolangatta midnight premiere of Twilight Saga: Eclipse see today's (July 2) Tweed Daily News.

Virginia Leighton-Jackson is a journalism student at Bond University.

Have you seen the new Twilight film?  Post your review in our comments section below.

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