A DEVASTATING act of animal cruelty has resulted in a happy ending for both mother kangaroo and a surprise joey.

A kangaroo shot in the head with an arrow has been re-released back into the wild after surgery at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. 

The kangaroo was finally darted by RSPCA inspectors this morning after living for four days with an arrow wedged through its head. 

It has been bouncing through the bush area along the Toorbul foreshore near Caboolture. 

The eastern grey roo was taken to Australia Zoo for treatment.

This morning RSPCA Qld's Chief Inspector Daniel Young successfully managed to hit it with a tranquiliser dart.

"It was incredibly wary and elusive which I guess isn't surprising," said Chief Inspector Young. "In most cases like this the animal dies a slow painful death but it appears that the arrow missed the brain and eye by millimetres."

The kangaroo was treated at Australia Zoo where the arrow was removed and the wound cleaned. 

A zoo spokeswoman said the roo and her joey were released back into the wild at Toorbul as soon as surgery was over due to the high stress and potential for death for a wild kangaroo in captivity situations due to myopathy.

RSPCA will continue to investigate the sickening case of animal cruelty and ask anyone who saw anything to phone 1300 852 188.




EFFORTS to catch a kangaroo with an arrow wedged in its forehead have been unsuccessful. 

RSPCA inspectors will return to the Toorbul Esplanade today to try and capture a male kangaroo which has been living with an arrow through its head for four days after a sickening case of animal cruelty. 

The male roo has dodged both RSPCA and Australia Zoo rescue teams since Saturday morning after it was spotted along the foreshore at Toorbul, north of Caboolture. 

The kangaroo has enduring the slow and painful experience for days now.


RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said the roo was first spotted on Friday afternoon, but with acres of land in the area, it has been a far and wide search. 

RSPCA inspectors were out at the site, searching over several acres for most of Monday trying to subdue the kangaroo using dart guns in an effort to help the animal. 

"The kangaroo is obviously very wary of people.

"The good part is the kangaroo is still mobile so there's hope the arrow has not damaged a vital artery.

"It was spotted yesterday, but we just couldn't get close enough to dart it."

The kangaroo survived the terrible case of animal cruelty, but can no longer eat properly due to the arrow protruding from his forehead. 

A female eastern grey kangaroo was shot in the head with an arrow at Toorbul.
A female eastern grey kangaroo was shot in the head with an arrow at Toorbul.

A local resident who did not wish to be named, sent in photos to the Daily yesterday of the shocking case of animal cruelty. 


This is not the first time a kangaroo has been killed inhumanely at Caboolture. 

In February last year the body of a male eastern grey was discovered with arrows lodged in its head and stomach at the intersection of Third Ave and The Esplanade, Toorbul.

Caboolture has a sickening track record of animal cruelty cases, topping the RSPCA complaint list four years in a row; 237 in 2013, 182 in 2012 and 183 in 2011.

More than 700 cases of animal cruelty were reported on the Sunshine Coast in 2014.

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