Hyperlapse adds to growing list of cool video apps

IF YOUR kids are anything like mine, give them a smart phone or tablet, some cool video apps, and they can entertain themselves for hours.

Every kid wants to be a movie star at some stage in their life and with the great variety of cool apps around, they can have their ambitions fulfilled almost instantly.

Playing with apps that turn them into rock stars (Video Star), blow them or their friends up (Action Movie FX) with virtual missiles, or have all their antics in reverse (Reverse Camera Fun) can be a whole lot of fun.

With phone cameras and processors being more sophisticated, some of the apps are, quite simply, incredible.

The latest video app that has everyone raving is Hyperlapse from Instagram.

Hyperlapse allows you to shoot time-lapse videos that were once only possible with a Steadicam or a $15,000 tracking rig.

You simply shoot a scene, such as moving traffic, cars crossing a bridge, a kid pulling faces, your dog wagging its tail, and then select how much you want to speed up the shot.

The default is set at six times speed but you can go from 1x to 12x.

The beauty of the app is that it stabilises your vision.

It uses motion data from your mobile device's accelerometer and gyroscope - which measure orientation and rotation - to turn shaky camera movements into a smoother video.

Previously, you would have had to use a video editing software on your computer to even try to do that.

And on a bigger shoot, that process could take hours.

What is amazing with this app is that process all happens in the background on your smart phone while you wait just a few seconds.

We had a play around with it this week, shooting waves coming in on the beach, surf crashing over the rocks as well as some fun clips with our kids pulling faces.

The results, especially when set to music using the Videolicious app, were quite amazing given the small amount of time involved in shooting and editing.

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