John Carberry.
John Carberry.

Hypnotised for health

DOCTOR John Carberry said he won't be divulging all his hypnotherapy secrets at his workshops tomorrow, because they are simply too powerful.

With years of experience under his belt, Dr Carberry told the Tweed Daily News yesterday he was at the highest end of hypnosis mastery, but his courses will only cover how to encourage a person to quit smoking and lose weight.

It is a good thing, considering there could be hundreds of people walking the Tweed next week with a new found knowledge of hypnotherapy.

Dr Carberry operates out of the Mermaid Medical Centre and is director of the Modern School of Hypnotherapy and said he was only one of a few hypnotherapists in Australia allowed to work in a medical centre.

“There are two reasons you would want to learn hypnosis. You can earn good money and make a good living out of it, plus it is a good thing to learn how to control your mind and its functions,” Dr Carberry said.

“What we're doing on the weekend is what is called an introduction to hypnotherapy. To get really good it takes years of studying.”

He said there had been a recent dramatic change in what many of his patients were seeking.

“It used to be (to quit) smoking, but now with the way the economy is going, depression has taken over ... it has gone through the roof.”

When asked what the weirdest thing he had been asked to do for someone was, he said: “God, they are all weird”.

He even hypnotises himself on a daily basis.

“At the end of each day I take 15-minutes out and do some self hypnosis to clear my mind.”

Dr Carberry has also worked with sportspeople and with top-class models, usually to help boost their confidence.

When it comes to smoking, people need to forget about the word 'addiction', according to Dr Carberry.

“People have been brainwashed by the government. Everyone thinks they are addicted to cigarettes, but addiction is a hypnotic word. I convince people it is a habit, not an addiction and then help people break down that habit.”

“The word addiction reinforces it in the mind.”

Dr Carberry's three-hour workshops will be run at Twin Towns on Sunday.

During the session participants will learn about hypnosis and hypnotise each other.

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