"I wanted to scare him": Woman drives car into man

A WOMAN who drove a car into her partner and sent him through the wall of a Woombah home has avoided a jail sentence but she won't be getting get behind the wheel of a vehicle any time soon.

Sharyn Mitchell, 53, appeared in Grafton District Court on Friday for sentencing over one count of dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm.

On December 6 last year Mitchell drove a Ford sedan about 25 metres across the lawn of an Old Woombah Rd address before ramming into the 59-year-old victim.

The impact caused the man to be propelled through the fibro wall of a house into the bathroom where the wall collapsed on to him.

The man's injuries were serious and he required two rounds of surgery.

The man's injuries included a fractured pelvis, femur and kneecap, a dislocated hip, a transverse process fractures of the spine and lacerations.

In court, it was heard that there were varying accounts of the events leading up to the incident.

The victim said he was on the phone when Mitchell had told him that afternoon she was going to get drugs, to which he replied "Okay, have fun, see you later".

The man told the court he was sitting in a plastic chair on the front veranda, drinking bourbon and smoking a cigar when she returned. The man said that soon after she hit him with her car.

Mitchell denied claims she ran over the man on purpose but entered a plea of guilty to the charge on July 4.

She said they had a fight on the front yard of the property before she got back into the car and turned it on, telling police in an interview she never meant to hit him.

"I was just gonna (sic) scare him, and the car, the brakes just, just slid ... As if I would run him over," she stated in a police interview.

Tests on the vehicle involved revealed no mechanical defects or failure, and a blood test taken shortly after the incident revealed cannabanoids, amphetamines, benzodiazapenes and methadone in Mitchell's system.

Mitchell's solicitor said the 53-year-old suffered from depression and anxiety and had expressed remorse for her actions.

It was also argued that while she had a substantial criminal record, she was unlikely to re-offend and had good rehabilitation prospects.

Judge Solomon sentenced Mitchell to a suspended sentence of one year, nine months with supervision. She was disqualified from driving for three years.

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