Mark " Bomber " Thompson Picture: Wayne Ludbey

Ice pipes, ecstasy tablets found in Mark Thompson’s bedroom

ICE pipes and ecstasy pills were allegedly discovered inside Mark Thompson's bedroom during a police raid on the AFL legend's home.

The extraordinary allegations were made by Victorian Police during a bail hearing in a Geelong courtroom on Monday.

Thompson's former housemate, Thomas Windsor, 28, is facing multiple charges including counts of trafficking commercial quantities of amphetamine and ice as well as trafficking ecstasy.

Thompson remains a "person of interest" in the ongoing case, but has never been charged.

The Essendon premiership captain's home was sensationally raided by police on January 5 as part of an investigation into drug trafficking.

Police alleged they discovered Thompson's DNA on packaging containing 33g of ice, 4.2g of amphetamines and an LSD tablet inside his locked bedroom.

The raid also located digital scales, a series of clear resealable bags and Xanax tablets inside Thompson's bedroom.

Police alleged that in another area of the renovated home they found 839.7g of MDMA, The Herald Sun reports.

Thompson reportedly flew to the US following the police raid and is yet to return to Australia.

AFL greats and friends of Thompson spoke out on Tuesday about their concern for the former Geelong premiership coach.

Pictures of Police raiding Mark Thompson’s Port Melbourne property.
Pictures of Police raiding Mark Thompson’s Port Melbourne property.

Bombers great Tim Watson told SEN Breakfast he wanted Thompson to return to Australia in time to attend the Bombers' 25-year reunion of their famous 1993 premiership victory.

"I hope so," Watson told SEN Breakfast.

"I get the feeling, I don't know because it's in a few weeks. I know a lot of people have reached out to him and have not been able to make contact.

"I don't know where he is and I'm hopeful, given he was such a significant part of that team, he was the captain. Not just that, he was such a strong leader around the club at that time.

"A lot of people would be disappointed if they didn't see him at the reunion."

Bombers legend Matthew Lloyd said it was "so sad" to see the evidence against Thompson, when asked about the 54-year-old's "demise" by Channel 9 Footy Classified host Craig Hutchison.

"He was my first-ever captain and one of the most respected people I've ever been involved with in football," Lloyd told Footy Classified.

"It's so sad to see what's become of Mark of late."

Footy commentator Caroline Wilson said Thompson's demons would be waiting for him whenever he returned to Australia.

"It's a terrible story," Wilson said on Monday night.

"Obviously we've watched Mark Thompson's demise over a number of years. I gather he's still in the US at the moment. You can only hope that whatever health issues he's suffering that he gets help and gets over them.

"He's got a pretty serious issue to face when he gets home."

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