SCORES of items go missing, get lost, stolen and found every week in the Tweed and our men in blue are trying to help.

On October 16 a lonely golden saxophone was found at Keith Compton Dr, Tweed Heads.

"It's quite a rare saxophone and it could be valuable," Tweed Police Senior Constable Luke Catt said.

"It is unusual for us to get an item like this in."

No one is sure where it came from or how it ended up on the road but police put a call out on their Facebook page in an attempt to find the rightful owner.

The soprano saxophone is pitted and has the engraving Blessing Elkhart.Sergeant Cameron Miller said he hoped someone would claim the brass instrument.

"You know it could have been down the back shed and they've not even noticed it is missing," he said.

"Someone's missing it and probably not aware it's gone."

Tweed Heads music store Revolutions in Music owner Mark Richter said soprano saxophones were an unusual instrument to see.

"Think Kenny G," he said.

The music shop owner said he did not stock Blessing brass instruments and had not received a call from anyone looking for the instrument.

"This one doesn't look so old though," he said.

Police auctions are held four times a year in Tweed and all of the non-claimed items can be purchased.

"The best thing to do if you've lost something is to report it," Snr Con Catt said.

"Most people have 28 days to claim the property or it goes to auction."

If you are missing an item make a report 131 444.

If the saxophone is yours, or you know something about it, please contact the Exhibits Office at Tweed Heads Police Station during business hours on 07 5536 0999.

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