THERE was a time when "fighters" ruled the gaming industry roost.

The likes of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Soul Calibur were the must-have titles for every gamer.

But as "gaming engines" advanced the fighters were forced to retire - the result of one too many blows to the head - and other styles of games became the dominant titles.

Until now.

Injustice: Gods Among Us has been one of the most hotly anticipated titles of 2013 as it moves to unite two powerful factions of the geek community - gamers and comic fans.

The storyline alone will be enough to make this game a hit as it pits DC Comics heroes and villains against each other

Driven crazy by a tragic event, Superman has become leader of the free world. His rule has bought an end to all violence but not everyone is happy with his methods. Enter Batman - leader of the resistance.

As you play through the story mode you'll discover why Batman opposes Superman and how non-super powered characters like Batman, Joker, Green Arrow and others like them are able to go toe-to-toe with the "supers".

It's a fantastic story that inspired DC Comics to produce an excellent comic series focusing on the events that lead up to Injustice.

The comics provide an equally fantastic story but are not essential reading before playing the game.

Injustice's deeper appeal though is the simplicity of its game play.

Taking the time to complete the quick training program and a quick perusal of the move list for any character will provide even the most novice fighter with the ability to be competitive.

Fighters with the skills to round out combinations with special moves will be able to employ more aggressive and attacking tactics, but anyone who can master the simple reversals will be able to match them, albeit from a more defensive platform.

Throw in some clever challenge modes, online fighting and the obvious long-term appeal of beating your friend's favourite character with your favourite and Injustice could be the game that puts fighters in charge of the gaming roost once more.

Injustice is available on all major games consoles and PC.

Rating: 8/10

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