Millionaire ‘too poor’ to pay ex-wife

HE HAS an estimated net worth of $US45 million ($A62 million) and has never been shy about splashing his cash.

But now, famously wealthy Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has claimed he can't afford to pay his ex-wife spousal support as their divorce proceedings turn increasingly ugly.

Mr Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, split from third wife Judith Giuliani in April after 15 years of marriage.

He announced he was dating Republican fundraiser Jennifer LeBlanc in June, and has also formed a relationship with alleged mistress Maria Rosa Ryan.

The couple's divorce is now before the courts - and apparently, the 74-year-old millionaire is suddenly crying poor.

According to The Daily Beast, Mrs Giuliani, 63, wants "$US63,000 ($A86,600) in spousal support on top of housing costs for six homes and incidental expenses - including membership fees for multiple country clubs".

But Mr Giuliani, a father-of-two, has claimed he is now in financial difficulty.

The pair appeared in New York's Supreme Court earlier this week, and Mrs Giuliani's lawyer Bernard Clair claimed the father of two had spent more than $US900,000 ($A1,240,000) since the breakup in April.

Mr Clair said Mr Giuliani had spent a staggering $US7131 ($A9811) on fountain pens and $US12,012 ($A16,527) on cigars during that five-month period.

He also spent $US286,000 ($A393,507) on his alleged mistress, $US447,938 ($A616,317) "for his own enjoyment" and $US165,000 ($A227,023) on personal travel.

He also argued Mr Giuliani couldn't claim to be in financial difficulty, because he famously agreed to represent US President Donald Trump for free in April.

Mr Clair said his client's ex-husband was resorting to "conduct that can only be characterised as SIDS … sudden income deficit syndrome".

"Mr Giuliani has taken it upon himself to radically change the financial status quo that existed prior to this action," The Daily Beast reported Mr Clair as saying.

Documents have also revealed Mr Giuliani earned $US9.5 million ($A13 million) in 2017 and $US7.9 million ($A10.8 million) in 2016.

Meanwhile, Mr Giuliani's lawyer Faith Miller claimed her client had already paid his wife around $US1 million ($A1.37 million) in expenses since they separated.

Mr Clair said Ms Nathan was not concerned by her former husband's new relationships.

"My client doesn't care about romantic interest or otherwise, she really doesn't," Mr Clair said, according to The Daily Beast.


Mr Giuliani formed a close friendship with Judith Nathan while he was still married to his second wife. Picture: AP
Mr Giuliani formed a close friendship with Judith Nathan while he was still married to his second wife. Picture: AP

"What she cares about is that these expenses, for these people, are continuing while she's not received any direct support since August of this past year - not a dime directly for her."

Mr Giuliani also went through a bitter divorce from second wife Donna Hanover, which was eventually settled in 2002 for more than $US6.8 million ($A9.3 million).

He served as New York mayor from 1993 until 2001, when he unsuccessfully tried to move into national politics.

The bulk of his fortune comes from his consulting firm, Giuliani & Company, which he founded towards the end of his mayorship.

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