Emoji anger: Do they think cheeseburgers look like that?

Apparently the big tech companies have never met a real burger before.
Apparently the big tech companies have never met a real burger before.

DON'T mess with emojis or cheeseburgers - at least that's the message Google received after being bombarded by a series of complaints about the tech company's cheeseburger emoji design.

The slice of cheese on the burger is in the wrong position according to fans of the fast food - an error Google CEO Sunday Pichai has promised on Twitter to address promptly.

The debate ignited when Mr Pichai responded to a tweet by Thomas Baekdal, who had written: "I think we need to have a discussion about how Google's burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple puts it on top."

In response, one user suggested the emoji was designed by someone who has never eaten a cheeseburger, while others insisted it wasn't a cheeseburger at all but rather a hamburger.

Mr Pichai responded to the controversy by saying that Google would drop everything to sort out the cheese dilemma on Monday.


According to Time magazine, Google is the only tech company to place the cheese underneath the meat patty. Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Whatsapp, Facebook and others all place the cheese on top - a position which is considered optimal for the cheese to melt on the burger.

The debate has sparked other issues with emoji designs, with people complaining about everything from lettuce placement and number of sesame seeds on top of the bun.

Only time will tell how Google will change the image - if at all.

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