THE Trekkies have spoken. Into Darkness has been declared the worst film in the Star Trek franchise, in spite of its critical success and impressive performance at the box office.

Sci-fi fans condemned it via a poll at a recent convention in Las Vegas, after apparently being left frustrated by its "plot holes" and reliance on "fast-paced action".

The results of the poll even favoured 1989's The Final Frontier, the fifth Star Trek film to be released, as well as jokey spoof Galaxy Quest over director J.J. Abrams' most recent effort.

Abrams, who has confessed his own indifference to Star Trek prior to directing a reboot of the franchise, has been accused of "dumbing down" the series following the release of Into Darkness in May this year.

Fans are said to be so enraged by Abrams' approach to the two films that he has directed since 2009 that they have called for both to be "banished outside of the Star Trek canon."

Mr Abrams, you have been warned - mess with geeks at your peril.

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