Is your bus late? There'll be an app for that in NSW

TRAINS and buses in regional NSW will soon be linked to real-time smartphone apps that tell customers whether their ride is running late.

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance said the government was allowing private sector app developers to access real-time data from the state's transport network.

"The data will be available across eight transport apps, providing regional customers with the most up to date information available, with train updates recorded every 30 seconds and coach services every few minutes," Mr Constance said.

"For the first time regional customers will have access to the same information about their services as our metropolitan customers, and as Future Transport progresses, there will be more improvements on the horizon for regional customers.

"By using the real-time apps, customers will know when to leave home or work to get to the station or stop, and those meeting up with different transport modes will be able to use real-time information to plan their entire trip door to door."

NSW TrainLink customers will be able to access real-time information for North Coast, North Western, Southern and Western regional train and coach services.

The new real-time data will also be available for South Coast line between Kiama and Bomaderry and the Blue Mountains, Hunter and Southern Highlands lines.

The government's two-day Future Transport NSW summit in April will look at emerging technologies and how they can be applied here.

Mr Constance said the use of autonomous vehicles - driverless cars and buses - would be a major focus of the summit.

The government is already building a driverless train, he told parliament.

"We live in a state where the uptake of technology is at incredible levels," he said.

"The uptake of smartphone technologies is at incredible levels, and the penetration of it is amongst the highest in the world.

"What we do know from the people of NSW is that they want more technology, and they want transport transformed into a technology business.

"If you consider everything from ride sharing to the Opal card to the use of big data, the initiatives going on right across the smartphone technology space, NSW is incredibly well placed to start to lead the world in this regard."

The summit will bring together the "best minds from around the world" when it comes to the application of technology and transport.

"They are going to bring to our city and our state ideas that are going to transform the networks and start to move people in ways that we've never seen before." -APN NEWSDESK

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