WHEN they couldn't reach their property in time, Monique Pascoe and her family were forced to take shelter in their car as violent storms rolled through Maryborough West.

Little did they know their retail shop Homewares from Everywhere was being battered by damaging winds that will now take months to repair.

Ms Pascoe, who runs the Maryborough West shop with her mother Jan Bruckner, said the family now faced thousands of dollars worth of insurance claims and a loss of income from the closed cafe.

She told the Chronicle she was trapped in her vehicle with members of her family as the supercell passed over the rural Fraser Coast town about 4.30pm Thursday.

"It was terrifying, the hail sounded like gunshots and the kids were screaming in fear," Ms Pascoe said.

"There's now two separate insurance claims that need to be taken out on our home and the business because of the damage."

She returned to the shop yesterday morning to find the place in tatters.

Glass tables had been smashed, the overhead sails had been brought down due to the winds and the garden was ruined.

Additionally, power to the shop was lost, resulting in food and milk going to waste.

Ms Pascoe said the shop's courtyard would not likely be opened for months to repair the damage and reclaim their lost costs.

"It's one thing to have it at home but also to have it at work... I'm devastated," she said.

"We've just got to do the clean-up, there are still people coming in realising the damage that's been done."

Emergency services have warned residents to be prepared for further storms over the weekend.

The Maryborough Showgrounds has had some minor damage to the grounds, with some campers relocated.

Deputy mayor Darren Everard said the showgrounds were closed until next Thursday.

"We hope this has not inconvenienced anybody but council will undertake repairs as quickly as possible," Cr Everard said.

"We do remind campers that there are spots still available at the Maryborough Airport and at any of the fine caravan parks across the city."

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