Jac and Shaz pictured in Mount Isa.
Jac and Shaz pictured in Mount Isa. Channel 7

Jac and Shaz serve up Mount Isa feast in MKR debut

FOR a show about 'real' home cooks, Mount Isa's Jac and Shaz were the perfect team to kick off the new season of My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The bubbly blonde cousins from Western Queensland faced a problem few MKR teams have in the past: they were too prepared.

Because they raced through their prep time they ran into trouble with elements sitting too long on the bench as they waited for judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel to arrive.

The quick-thinking mums were able to rescue their soggy zucchini and potato rosti mix to produce a textural and impressive first course.

"A lot of pressure (as the first team to cook) but it didn't show in the dish," Pete said.

"I loved it. First course, first dish of the competition and you present something like this. Yes it's simple but it works."

Jac and Shaz plate up their entree.
Jac and Shaz plate up their entree. Channel 7

But unfortunately for the Mount Isa women - Shaz works at the courthouse and Jac has her own clothing boutique - things went downhill after the entrée.

Their traditional main course was criticised for pieces of raw garlic, unrendered fat and undercooked potatoes which were not crushed as promised on the menu.

The Hulk-sized dish was, as the women admitted, "a bit too Sunday roast".

"I'm not complaining; it's better to have bigger than something too small," Manu said.

"I'm quite disappointed, I think you struggled with the lamb, big pieces of fat you haven't browned.

"If you're going to keep it simple make sure it's done very well."

After a visit from Manu in the kitchen, Jac and Shaz decide to "plug on" with their surprise blue cheese addition to their final course, a pear and walnut crumble.

The decision backfired, with the pungent cheese overwhelming the delicate flavours of what would have otherwise been a well-balanced dessert.

Ash reacts to the food being served on My Kitchen Rules.
Ash reacts to the food being served on My Kitchen Rules.

"You definitely got the combination of flavour right… for a cheese platter," Manu said.

"But in a hot preparation like this I'm a little confused.

"I was questioning myself saying 'would I do that?' The simple answer is no way."

Jac and Shaz commiserated after their guests left, saying cooking on the reality show was "a lot harder than it looks".

"We are only going to get better," Shaz said.

"We are not doing that again."

Tonight's episode was also a chance to find out more about the other teams.

Adelaide's Annie is obsessed with pink, and is competing on the show with her high school sweetheart Lloyd.

Engaged Perth couple Kat and Andre look like fun dinner party hosts and Kat is brimming with enthusiasm.

Mum and daughter Gina and Anna from Canberra openly admitted to being "viciously" competitive.

Charming Texan Robert and his super-fit daughter Lynzey can ride horses and cook over an open flame.

Robert, a teacher, also shared one of what can be safely assumed will be many stories of his adventures on horseback.

Melbourne ladies Ash and Camilla are posh and confident, but it was Ash's big hair and expressive eyes that got the most attention.

Kat and Andre will host their instant restaurant tomorrow night.


Jac and Shaz's Menu

Entrée: Zucchini and potato rosti stack with smoked salmon and crème fraiche

Main: Rack of lamb with crushed potatoes and lemon green beans

Dessert: Pear and walnut crumble with pear wafers

Score: 59

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