JACK LEE: A young role-model.
JACK LEE: A young role-model. Supplied

Jack sells toys to help victims

GENEROSITY is child’s-play for this Centaur Public School student.

Nine-year-old Jack Lee will hold a toy sale with help from his mates and student representative council for the benefit of the Salvation Army Flood Appeal.

Deputy principal Jenny Foster said Jack wanted to help because he had been watching the flood coverage on television.

“He came to me and he said ‘I want to do something for those kids’,” Mrs Foster said.

“He said ‘I’ve got this idea Mrs Foster, I’ve thought about it and we’re going to sell our old toys to the other kids and give the money to the Salvation Army’.”

“It will happen on March 2 or 3.”

She said Jack was always keen to help others and once an idea was formed in his mind he was motivated and committed to realising it.

“He came to me with a list of things he’ll need for the sale and I’ve seen him almost every day since he’s decided to do it.

“It’s a great idea.”

Banora Point Salvation Army Captain Deborah Robinson said Jack’s initiative showed no-one was too young to have a great idea for helping others.

“We’re absolutely blessed the child would have the initiative to come up with this idea,” Ms Robinson said.

“He’s also a great example to adults.

“The fact he’s not entirely focused on his own needs but also wants to help others says wonderful things about his social conscience.”

For donations to the Banora Point Salvation Army contact (07) 5524 5081.

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