Boy unconscious in Jackass stunt

POLICE are investigating a prank gone wrong at Lismore’s Richmond River High School in which a 15-year-old boy lost consciousness after being grabbed around the neck during a Jackass-style stunt.

A spokesman from the NSW Education Department said the incident happened about midday on Monday.

“A Year 10 student tried to re-enact a prank from the Jackass movie by grabbing a friend from behind as a third student filmed with his camera,” he said.

“Onlooking friends immediately pulled the two apart.

“The victim hurt his head as they all fell down and an ambulance was called as a precaution.

“Police were contacted and are investigating.

“One student has received a long suspension.”

The Jackass movie is R-rated and is described as having ‘extremely crude and dangerous stunts throughout’.

Producers also warn viewers that ‘stunts in this movie were performed by professionals, so neither you nor your dumb little buddies should attempt anything from this movie’.

In one scene, two men play tetherball with a beehive; another stunt involves a jet-ski in a swimming pool.

Richmond Local Area Command duty officer, Inspector Matt Kehoe, said the incident at Richmond River High School was a ‘schoolyard prank gone wrong’.

“One student grabbed another student in a sleeper lock hold around the neck. It seems they were more or less mucking around at the time,” he said.

“This has caused the child to black out and lose consciousness.

“He fell to the ground and received a small cut to his chin.

“Teachers were alerted and an ambulance was called to the school.

“The student was taken to hospital for treatment and was released about 7.15pm that day.

“It appears that the incident was taped on a mobile phone by at least one other student.

“Police inquiries are continuing, but it is really up to the victim and his parents if assault charges are to be laid.”

Also this week, a Year 8 student at Coolum High School on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast was choked unconscious by a classmate in a dangerous mixed martial arts-inspired game called tap-out.

Tap-out, which is inspired by the popular but brutal Ultimate Fighting Championship, involves a student placing a chokehold on another student from behind. The attacker is meant to stop choking when the person in the chokehold taps him twice.

But in this case the boy kept choking, despite the victim pleading with him to stop.

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