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JAILED: Bizarre rampage ends with prison sentence

A SYDNEY man who trekked through Maclean's canefields with a pump-action shotgun and silencer after assaulting his ex-wife, and crashing her car will be out of jail next month.

Jerry Arthur Spanidis, a 31-year-old labourer from St Helens Park in Sydney, was sentenced to four months jail when he appeared in Grafton Local Court for sentencing yesterday.

Spanidis, who has been in custody since his original offences in October, had pleaded guilty to at charges including assault, contravening an AVO, stalk and/or intimidate, car theft, destroy or damage property, possession of an unregistered firearm without a permit and in a public place, and not keeping a firearm safely.

He contravened his AVO in November when he wrote a letter from jail addressed to his ex-wife and three children.

The violence began when Spanidis, along with his mother, was returning his three children to his ex-wife in Gulmarrad in October.

He phoned her during the trip and told her to meet him after he said he was lost in road works between Coffs Harbour and Grafton.

The trip turned into into a nightmare when Spanidis, in the car with his former wife and their children, began assaulting her as she drove.

When she eventually stopped the car she fell to the ground and he trod on her hand to get her to release the keys.

He then drove their children to their home and then went to a neighbour's property, where he revved his car so the owners thought he would drive into their house. He got out of the car and then threatened the occupants, which inclued and elderly man.

After that he drove off and crashed the car and was then seen wondering the rural roads near Maclean armed with a pump action shotgun and a silencer.

He was arrested the next day, without the gun, and took police to the place he left it.

In court magistrate Jeff Linden said Spanidis's offences were incredibly serious and indicated he refused to take court orders seriously.

But he found some favourable statements in a pre-sentence report, which indicated he showed remorse for his actions and had developed some insight into the nature of his offending.

Magistrate Lindon said Spanidis would be eligible for release on February 9.

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