Judge details 'severe pain and suffering' of girl, 3

THE list of injuries a three-year-old girl suffered through her mother and boyfriend's sadistic and heinous sexual abuse seemed endless.

Judge Deborah Richards brought home the gravity of the couple's actions as she detailed the "severe pain and suffering" no one should have to endure.

The list includes: clumps of hair missing from her scalp, bruising and haemorrhaging across her body, torn and scabby lips, ulcers inside her mouth, genital and anal tears, eye problems from shaking, urination problems, kidney and liver issues, pancreatitis, anaemic, gluteal muscle tear, fractured lower back, and more.

Judge Richards said the girl was gravely ill when her mother's boyfriend finally called an ambulance to take the girl from their home, south of Brisbane, to the Mater Children's Hospital in November 2009.

She said a doctor concluded the girl had suffered "significant physical and sexual abuse" but the couple "concocted" stories about the girl falling over the handlebars of a motorbike in a crash and hitting her head in a bathroom fall.

Judge Richards said there had been allegations cast on doctors, police and third parties in an attempt to deflect the blame.

She said the abuse had likely been going on for months, noting the couple had pulled the girl from childcare after someone noticed bruising on her buttocks.

"The injuries to the mouth would have been eating and drinking painful," she said.

"The genital injuries would have been painful walking and sitting.

"(The doctor said) this was a very sick girl, that if medical help hadn't been sought at that time, it would have been fatal to her.

"The likelihood of that happening would have been high."

The young girl is undergoing significant counselling but she still has nightmares and makes playtime based around "protection from the bad man".

Perhaps saddest of all was hearing how this little girl still just wanted her mummy back.

But that will not happen for at least eight years.

Her mother was jailed for 10 years and the boyfriend was jailed for 16 years after Judge Richard found he was the principal offender.

A serious violent offence declaration was made which means they must serve 80% of their sentences.

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