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Petrol goes up 15c a litre on shortage fears

A SUDDEN rise in petrol prices across south-east Queensland is a blatant case of price gouging based on fears of a fuel supply shortfall, the RACQ says.

The motoring body has warned Queenslanders not to "panic buy" at the inflated prices.

Fuel prices jumped by as much as 15c a litre this morning after a few  Brisbane outlets ran dry.

However, the RACQ said fuel supplies should return to normal in the next couple of days, and shortages should not be widespread.

"There is no reason for the sudden price rise, " a spokesman said.

"And there is certainly no reason to panic buy at theses prices based on fears of a fuel shortage."

Concerns over fuel supplies were triggered after a safety audit was carried out on trucks owned by Victorian-based transport company Cootes after one its tankers exploded, claiming two lives.

On Monday, more than 200 trucks were inspected and more than 170 defect notices issued, for brake failures, steering and suspension faults. At least 94 Cootes trucks were taken off the roads at a result.

The RACQ advised those who needed to fuel to look for prices around $1.40.

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