Maryborough man guilty of raping daughter, 8

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: A JURY has taken less than four hours to find a Maryborough man guilty of raping his then eight-year-old daughter.

It is the third time the man has faced trial over the offence after two previous juries could not reach a decision.

The man, 47, who cannot be named in order to protect his daughter's identity, raped the young girl on four occasions over two consecutive days between March and December, 2012.

The court heard he made his daughter commit oral sex acts on him while her other siblings were across the road playing in the park.

Crown Prosecutor Carly Whelan told the court on Thursday the man had a shocking and sordid criminal history in both New South Wales and Queensland.

She said the man had served nine years behind bars after being found guilty in the Hervey Bay District Court in 1995 to violently raping and sodomising a woman after he lured her to a nearby house.

Ms Whelan said the man had a further conviction in the Hervey Bay District Court in 2009 after being found guilty of having sex with his 16-year-old half sister where he received a two year wholly suspended sentence.

She said the man was back before Hervey Bay District Court again in 2011 after he approached two teenage girls and asked them for sex where he received an additional year added to his suspended sentence.

Ms Whelan said the man's offending was at the higher end of the spectrum.

"He subjected his biological daughter to the most unspeakable acts," she said.

"His offending has had a huge emotional impact on his whole family.

"He has shown absolutely no remorse for his offending."

When sentencing the man to five years behind bars, Judge Brad Farr said to say the offences were serious would be an understatement.

He also activated the two-year suspended sentence which he ordered to be served concurrently.

"It appears to me that you behaviour proves you are a danger to females living in our society especially younger ones," he said.

"What you did to you biological daughter was reprehensible."

Judge Farr further ordered the 438 days the man had already spent in custody as time served.

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