Justine Jones
Justine Jones

Accused murderer 'too rough'

THE man accused of killing Justine Jones and dumping her body in a bin had boasted about being kicked out of a Marcoola brothel for "being too rough", a court heard yesterday.

Jacob Heaney told Maroochydore Magistrates Court how Richard Coburn returned to their Alkira Street home in a bathrobe from a Marcoola brothel after being banned.

"Richard was once kicked out and banned from a brothel for being too rough on one of the workers there," he said.

"He was boasting and was proud of what happened."

Coburn is facing a committal hearing this week accused of killing the 22-year-old at her Alexandra Headland unit in July last year.

The court has heard through friends and police reports that he had a history of violence towards Ms Jones.

Mr Heaney said he wanted to tell the court because it showed "that his violence towards women was not just this specific case".

Mr Heaney said he once tried to confront Coburn after he allegedly glassed Ms Jones in the back, requiring multiple stitches.

Mr Heaney said he knew Coburn through school and living with him but his opinion changed after he rang his work claiming he was selling drugs over the bar and his actions with Ms Jones.

He said he, and other friends, had tried to stop Ms Jones from seeing Coburn but they obviously were not successful.

"There were attempts made ... but she still did, she was secretive," he said.

Justine's mother Kathleen was in court yesterday and saw the man accused of killing her "baby" for the first time.

"Is that him there?" she asked as she walked in with partner of 27 years, Justine's father, Michael.

The teary mother said, outside court, that Coburn did not look as she had expected.

"I made sure I didn't look at pictures, I didn't want him in my head to think about it," she said.

Kathleen said listening to people talk about her daughter's life in court was difficult.

"It's just horrible because kids do things you don't like but it sounds like she was in trouble," she said.

"You hear what happened but this was a lot extra than what I knew. I think the girls minimised what happened so much.

"I'm so stunned, I think she was embarrassed to tell mum these things were happening.

"I just want justice to ... take its course."

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