Ryan Frazer

Kangaroo and pig's "unusual" relationship caught on film

IT'S an outback love story of unusual proportions.

A kangaroo and a pig have been photographed having sex on a farm in the Northern Territory.

According to the farm owner Greg Dick, the pair are "in love" and have been inseparable since being introduced a year ago.

"I tried to take the pig away the other day and the kangaroo nearly tore the fence down," he told NT News.

The odd couple's romantic relationship was caught on film by Sydney PhD candidate Ryan Frazer during a research trip.

Mr Frazer told the Daily Mail he found the pair "nuzzling" in a paddock in Aileron.

"The kangaroo was ripped, a bit aggressive, huffing a bit. But the pig stayed with him, nuzzling under his arm, and the kangaroo was hugging the pig for a while.

"Then the kangaroo started hugging the pig from behind, worked himself up a bit and went for it. 

"The pig was totally nonchalant about the whole thing, was not concerned at all."

Ryan Frazer

He said they felt "strange" standing there watching the coupling.

"We were just standing there like, 'this is strange. Should we still be standing here, watching, taking photos'?"

Mr Frazer said they decided they'd "had enough" when the pig tried to jump on the kangaroo's back.

"When the kangaroo finished, the pig tried to jump on the back of the kangaroo for a bit, maybe to reciprocate."

Later, when the group headed to a nearby art gallery, Mr Frazer said a local asked them if they had "met the kangaroo and pig".

"I said 'yes, they seem pretty close'.

"He said, 'yeah, the kangaroo's been heaps calmer since the pig has been in there'.

Mr Dick told NT News when he introduced Apples the pig it was "love at first sight" for her and the kangaroo he calls F**K It.

"It just happened on the first day.

"It's quite an unusual thing.

"I think I might take some photos and get some postcards made," he said since the pair have become an unlikely tourist attraction.

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