Your view: Readers split on election outcomes

WHOEVER ends up winning the votes in Lismore and Ballina, their margin is going to be tiny.

So with the vote largely divided between the Nationals, Greens, and Labor candidates, it's not that surprising readers discussing the election on The Northern Star's website and Facebook page would also be divided.

Comments on the pages have ranged from unrestrained joy from  Greens supporters seeing a chance at historic wins in the seats to distress and disbelief from Nationals  alarmed at the possibility of the region being represented by Greens MPs.

Here are a few of the comments posted on the two pages:

Kathy Backshall Buckley: How could you do this Ballina, what were you thinking?

Alan Pond: Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Mouthbreather: I notice, "Mr George did not return phone calls" after his election party, nothing new there, and don't bother emailing him, you well get an auto reply or be added to a list he spams.

mur70: So what else are the Greens going to offer other than trying to ban CSG? The area has lost a great member of parliament in Thomas George, but then you get what you wish for, let's see what the area is like in 4 years time.

A_Voice: The loss of Thomas George might benefit a region that is lacking in so many ways. Pity it may not be a National but it might send a strong message to some within the Nat/Lib parties.

picman2: It really is time Australia changed the political system to offer people something better.

WestCasinoResident: Question I have for Mr Guise is how is he going to ban CSG on the Northern Rivers? He is not in Govt, his vote is not needed as the LNP have a majority and don't need to rely on the Greens and he will not be taken seriously by the LNP. Mr Guise please tell us how you intend to ban it please?

The_Ghost_Who_Walks: I hope Kris Beavis can pull it off, I really do. A Greens, sorry Watermelons (Green on the outside, red on the inside) MP would be a disaster for Ballina. What good is a local MP who has no influence whatsoever at the government 'table'? Now that the Coalition has been returned, if Tamara Smith is indeed successful, she will be little more than a 'do nothing' MP in terms of key decision making.

Flathead69: Oh dear, it seems the voters fell hook line and sinker for the scare campaign. Now we have no say at the table!

PatsyW: Here we go again, the candidate has gathered in the preferences to overcome the peoples wishes. The primary vote, the peoples vote, has been discarded. Not fair and now our electorate becomes a forgotten space in the state government.

Bertson: Ballina electorate will have MORE attention than it had when it was a safe National seat. Baird and co. will want to win it back. I'd much rather be in a swinging seat than a "safe" one - at least I know I'll be listened to.

Aussiematt91: Great win for Ballina! We need a big change. I understand Ballina is a very conservative place but statistics never lie. Low youth involvement, high crime rates, poor infrastructure, environmental disasters and prolonged car dependency. That why we had NATS for long time. Greens will improve all of above. Sustainable development is a win win situation. Three pillars of social, economy and environment. That how we manage and operate a government!

BigBunny: Green & Labor's "fear factor" wins out over common-sense and future regional opportunities. It's almost comic, as little of the Lismore or Ballina areas have any real commercial potential for CSG. But the "Catch 22" is that this can't be conclusively proved (and minds consequently set at rest) as any exploration to prove or dis-prove will be blocked by 87% of our frightened populace. Perfect conditions for a fear campaign from such superb opportunists!

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