Katie Price
Katie Price

Katie Price punched Jane Pountney in the face

KATIE Price says she punched her friend in the face after learning she'd slept with her husband.

The former glamour model - whose former lover Kieran Hayler had an affair with her Jane Pountney - has claimed she was so angry she "knocked half her front tooth out".

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "The red mist came down and I marched over and grabbed Jane by her hair extensions.

"I can't remember everything because it was a blur but I'm pretty sure I landed a punch on her face and knocked half her front tooth out and left it wobbling. I hope so anyway."

Katie - who insisted Jane still hasn't apologised for the affair - discovered her husband's cheating during a holiday in west Africa when she caught them kissing on the beach.

She added: "It was very dark but as I got closer to the beach I could make out two figures near a pile of stacked sunbeds. That's when I stood perfectly still for 30 seconds watching my best friend kissing my husband.

"I felt physically sick. Then the red mist came down. Jane tried to tell me it wasn't what it seemed ... Kieran looked proper scared.

"Jane didn't say sorry then and hasn't said sorry to this day."

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