Khaki It competition runner-ups

HERE are the runner-up winners in our popular Steve Irwin Khaki It competition.

1. Indran Sinha:  In this beautiful God made world we live in harmony with all our animal friends. Our two little kids, Tanya and Adeep have learnt this wonderful fact already and is greatly inspired by Steve Irwin and the amazing things that the Australia Zoo staff do, to Conserve, Preserve and Recycle.

2. Scott Archbold:  The photos are of a Rainbow Lorikeet that we found that couldn't fly.  We are keeping it in a cage at home and feeding it and we are eagerly awaiting its recovery.

3. Tania Whitton:  Picture of our son Declan, 3, who looks quite similar to Bob Irwin Jnr playing with his toy croc.

4. Tracey Benham:  A photo of my 11 year old son Thomas holding a carpet python taken at a Reptile day held at Bunning’s Rockhampton recently.  He has a great passion for reptiles and hopes to work in this field when he is older.

5. Saffron McLaren:  My kids and I like to ‘Khaki it’ by protecting our backyard native friends.  Many times we have rescued  adventurous Blue Tongue Lizards from family and neighbourhood pets.  This particular lizard was heard scratching at the front door, we thought he may have been popping by to say ‘hello’.

6. Angel Caplin:  'Khaki It' means discovery.  Our son Joshua found this ibis skull while digging in his Nanny and Poppy's garden.

7. Brittany Robson:  My son Tobias and his version of Khaki It.

8. Kaylene Powell:  A photo that I recently took on our travels,,,,, there are no words to describe how important it is to preserve our wildlife, the picture says it all.

9. Andrew Milner

10. Ethan Heikkinen:  I love this photo as it was a show on teaching people about snakes and other smaller animals.

11. Karyn Boyd:  We have no dogs on our property at Bungundarra, Yeppoon Qld, and the wildlife is all around us. It is absolutely fantastic. This is our latest joy - twin black stripe wallabies. (Please note we don't feed them bread, but only used it to entice mum to stand up so we could take a photo of her beautiful babies). All the wildlife we have around our property feel comfortable roaming around our house and we have plenty.

12. Samara Whaley and Adam Lownds.

13.  Misty Kellaway:  Khaki means True Blue.

14. Lesley Walker:  Hubby who's in the army believes crush, recycle everything, & all the kids love to assist.

15. Sara Robinson:  Where-ever there are animals, my kids are always near, they love to learn, to watch and know, all that animals have to show.  Wild life warriors, they love natures best, and are honoured when animals are there guests.

16. Henry Baltus:  This photo was taken on a lonely dirt bush road near Baralaba, central Queensland. We came across a flooded waterway crossing the road and noticed this small chick in our headlights and the mother bird flying around frantically. We got out and carefully picked up the chick and put it in the long grass with the two other chicks we also accidentally found. I have near seem such a small water bird before and have no idea what kind of bird it was. We try to photograph the mother to identify it, with no luck. This tiny bird, in terms of "Khaki It!", certainly was.

17. Jany Pezard:  Jonah finds an old turtle in need of help, called him Franklin, built a safe nest and located him next to the dam.

18. Dan Podetti:  Ary says save our animals, we can all live together. We support Khaki Day.

19. Lyn Harms:  This photo shows my brother, Jim Tait, in the Queensland Gulf Country doing scientific research. He works as a private consultant (Marine Biology)and is very passionate about fish and the environment. He would not use nets other than to collect fish samples and sadly this often lures some beautiful crocs. Here he is untangling a young croc for release. He often wears Khaki as he works but this is late at night while collecting data on a 2 week field trip.

20. Ramesh Sivaram:  Blokes in khaki cleaning a lake in India.

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