WINNER of the Burleigh Boardriders single fin, Clint Kimmins. PHOTO: bRAD
WINNER of the Burleigh Boardriders single fin, Clint Kimmins. PHOTO: bRAD

Kimmins back on track

CLINT Kimmins, 26, was the recent winner of the Burleigh Boardriders single fin, Clipper speaks about the win and life in general.

Did you surf one of Rabbit’s old HS boards and how did you find it?

I live with my best mate Mark McKendry and I had a look in the garage only to find the little gem. Macca has had it for about 10 years and just had it restored so it’s actually in pretty good nic. ‘Apparently’ it’s one of Bugsy’s old Burleigh boards. I was so lucky to get to ride it because Bugs is one of my heroes and also a good mate. He helped me out so much when I was a grom so I wanted to do him proud.

What’s it like surfing on a single compared to a thruster?

To be honest it’s much, much harder. On a lot of waves you get to the bottom and look at the lip and think to yourself hard driving bottom turn then big fin blast but as soon as you try to go on the rail reality kicks in and you’re reminded you’re on a single fin. Most times the board went dead straight and I peanut rolled onto my face. You just have to think smooth and pretty much place the board on the lip and let the wave throw you down, whereas on a thruster, you’re the pilot and you’re totally in control.

How long have you been lifeguarding for Council now?

This is my third summer on the beach. The lifeguard service here on the coast is great, all the guys are really into it and the bosses are super supportive of us having time off to compete and strive to better our ocean skills on all forms of equipment.

You were a full-on professional surfer during your junior years, what was that like and what was your highest rating?

Being a full-time professional was unreal. I was so fortunate to be able to travel to all the world’s great surf locations that I literally dreamt about as a kid. I was rated in the top five Aussie juniors for about five years, also the surfer mag junior honour roll. Now that I look back I credit it to my ex major sponsor (Rip Curl) who were pushing me really hard. If you throw enough sh-t at the wall some of it is bound to stick if you know what I mean. I was in every event everywhere around the world. Its hard to win a contest if you’re not well looked after financially and back then it gave me the chance to be in more events.

You competed on the WQS then life took a wrong turn for you, any regrets and what sort of lessons did you learn from that experience?

I can’t say that I regret anything about what happened because I was unfortunately put into a situation where I didn’t have a choice and if I did there was no time to make a calculated decision. I’ve learnt a lot about how complex and sensitive human beings really are. Jail was an experience that only someone that has been inside will ever understand.

The Snapper Surfriders have always supported you and you have had some great team results can you elaborate?

Snapper has been there for me from the very beginning. They are the reason I first got sponsored. I owe so much to that club. Bruce, Bugs Mont and Lorraine are like my parents. The club has won so many events its silly. I’m honoured to be apart of the team. You just have to look at some of the names that we have in our team for any given event to show the strength and depth of the club.

Whatever things do you do outside of surfing?

Golf, gym, ski paddling, triathlon training, long distance running. My two good mates and I recently ran to Byron Bay from Cooly. The interesting part was it was pouring rain the entire time and it was at night. We left Greenmount at 10.30pm and got to the lighthouse at 8am. We did it to earn our beer and bond with each other. I remember running down the middle of this one road for miles and not a car sound or bit of light in sight. Just three mates going for a run. At the time there was no place in the world I would rather have been.

What else do you have planned for the future?

At the moment I’m just trying to get as fit as possible. I’m doing some triathlons through the year, the Gold Coast marathon, Cairns half ironman and another big race that I’m keeping quiet until it happens. I want to surf as much as possible and just enjoy it.

Any good advice for the young guys and girls on surfing and life??

Love and respect your friends and fellow surfers. Drink water, breathe fresh air, get in the sunshine, exercise, eat whole foods, be involved in loving relationships and have passion. Live everyday as if it’s your last. It just may be.

Who inspires you and what is your motivation for life in general?

I’m inspired by ordinary people who do kind things on a day-to-day basis. Also endurance athletes who push their bodies to the edge and over it. I’m motivated by the weirdest things but mostly I think it’s my selfishness and my want for nice things and also inner happiness.

Who do you think will win this years Men’s World title?

Hopefully an Aussie. Mick, Joel, Durbo, Owen, I don’t really care as long as it comes back to Oz!

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