Evidence not enough to convict Field, lawyer tells jury

THE Supreme Court murder trial of Craig Field over the king-hit death of Kelvin Kane at Kingscliff Beach Hotel in 2012 is nearing its end with the prosecution and defence presenting their closing summaries.

Former NRL star, Field, 41, is accused of throwing a fatal punch that felled the 51-year-old cattle farmer on July 15.

Prosecutor Lee Carr told the jury the Crown must prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that the punch was a deliberate act of the accused; that the act caused the death of Mr Kane; was done with the intention to cause grievous bodily harm; and that the act was not done in self- defence.

Mr Carr said the Crown case was that Field struck Mr Kane in the left side of the face, which led to a subarachnoid haemorrhage (bleeding on the brain).

Going through the events on the night, Mr Carr told the jury to focus on the evidence of what happened in the hotel car park during a two-minute, 25-second, period when Mr Kane was punched and fell to the ground.

Mr Carr then took the jury through the evidence of Crown witnesses, of which many claim to have seen the punch but not where it connected.

He touched on evidence from Mr Kane's friend Lyn Burger which he said contradicted evidence from her police statement because the events on the night had happened so fast.

"There is just no evidence to suggest there were other blows that connected with Mr Kane," he said.

"When you put all these factors together the Crown says you will be satisfied the accused delivered the fatal blow."

Field's barrister Tony Bellanto QC began summing up yesterday afternoon by asking the jury if they heard the Crown attack Field's evidence as a witness.

"Did you hear anyone say I saw a blow to the left jaw of the deceased?" he asked.

"Did you hear anyone say it (the blow) was below the eye level?

"The answer is no."

Mr Bellanto described evidence of Crown witnesses as confusing, inconsistent between witnesses and weak.

"He is not a murderer and not a person who could be convicted on manslaughter on this evidence," he said.

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