Lack of sleep now a key reason Aussies can't lose weight

NEW research by Weight Watchers shows how a lack of sleep, access to food 24/7, and conflicting health messages are impacting Aussie lives.

In efforts to lead healthier lives, half the nation has tried a quick-fix diet, with more than 1 in 4 unable to maintain their desired goals for even a week, according to research released today by Weight Watchers. 

The vast amount of food options available all day, every day, are leading people to think about food constantly while hectic schedules and long work hours mean working fitness into a routine is difficult.

These factors, coupled with the vast amount of quick-fix diets on the market have led to widespread confusion, with 65 per cent of Aussies baffled by the amount of health and diet information available. 

As part of the launch of their new "WW Your Way" lifestyle management program, Weight Watchers have publicly released their research into the broader Australian public.

Weight Watchers research shows that accessibility of food is leading to unconscious eating:

  • 3 in 5 aussies (61 per cent) find it hard to get themselves into a healthy diet and exercise routine
  • Women are more likely to struggle (64 per cent, men 57 per cent)
  • 43 per cent of those who have tried a quick-fix diet turn to snacks when they are bored,
  • 38 crave unhealthy foods and
  • 33 per cent eat mindlessly when stressed

Not only are people constantly thinking about food, they are also living more sedentary lives:

  • Two thirds of Aussies say they sit down more than they stand up most days of the week
  • Three in five sit down for more than 6 hours a day

The key barriers keeping people from moving more include:

  • lack of motivation (37 per cent)
  • being busy and tired (24 per cent) 
  • technology distractions and gym costs (21 per cent)

Sleep has also emerged as a major issue when it comes to making healthy choices:

  • only 47 per cent of Aussies are getting the recommended amount of sleep (7 to 9 hours) per night:
  • Tiredness is leading to unhealthy food choices (33 per cent)
  • 1 in 4 people skip their excercise routine
  • More than a third say they suffer from mood swings (35 per cent)
  • Less productive at work (43 per cent)
  • More likely to fight with their partner when tired (24 per cent)

In Queensland specifically, 47% of people have tried a quick-fix diet, yet 7% of people have only been able to maintain their desired goals for a maximum 1-2 weeks.

Reasons for not being able to maintain their desired goals include:

  • craving unhealthy foods (34%)
  • turn to snack when bored (41%)
  • eating mindlessly when stressed (33%)
  • don't have time to exercise (22%)

When people don't get enough sleep, people in QLD say:

  • 31% make unhealthy food choices
  • 41% are less productive at work
  • 24% skip their exercise routine
  • 34% get mood swings
  • 22% more likely to fight with their partner

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