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Landry under fire as Labor attacks on CQ casualisation

MEMBER for Capricornia Michelle Landry has come under fire from Labor after she aired her plans to take her concerns about workforce casualisation to Minister for Jobs Michaelia Cash.

Earlier this week, Ms Landry said she would seeking a meeting with the minister to detail her desire to see more permanent employees in Central Queensland's mining communities.

She called for all stakeholders to work together and said she'd been a vocal advocate against casualisation of the workforce.

This prompted of flurry of fired-up responses from Labor politicians.

Shadow Minister for employment and workplace relations Brendan O'Connor said her comments are "all talk and no action".

"Ms Landry is attempting to persuade her electorate that she has been working hard on this issue in Canberra, when the facts show this isn't true," Mr O'Connor said.

"The Turnbull government hasn't done a single thing to address the growing incidence of insecure and casualised work.

"Instead they are contributing to the rise of insecure work through their failure to do anything to address problems with labour hire particularly in the mining industry, their support for companies terminating enterprise agreements, their support for cuts to penalty rates, and their exploitative Youth Jobs PaTH program.

"It's time the government followed Labor and put workers and decent jobs first."

Mr O'Connor said Labor committed at the last election to "examine the definition of 'casual' work and to set an objective test for determining when a worker is casual".

He said the party also promised to introduce a nation-wide labour hire licensing scheme and a crack down on independent contracting.

Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga said the LNP's Federal Fair Work Act allowed big corporations to get away with treating workers unfairly.

"It allows multi-billion dollar foreign corporations like Glencore to lock workers out for over 190 days. At the same time, the LNP's laws allow corporations like Glencore to pay no tax," Mrs Lauga said.

"If she was genuine about stopping casualisation, she would have met with the Oaky North workers on site on her recent CQ mines tour instead of getting with mine bosses.

"If she was genuine about helping local workers, Ms Landry would be standing up and demanding companies pay their fair share in tax, to put an end to casualisation and reinstate penalty rates."

Labor Senator for Queensland Murray Watt said although Ms Landry has said in the past that she has been "taking up the fight" against casualisation, her actions don't appear to match her words.

"Since Ms Landry was elected way back in 2013 she has spoken about casualisation in Parliament a grand total of two times," Mr Watt said.

Ms Landry's office responded to Mrs Lauga, saying she has a record for "fighting for jobs in Central Queensland" and will continue her fight in 2018.

"Ms Landry's comments yesterday were clear and consistent on workforce casualisation," a spokesperson for Michelle Landry said.

"Ms Landry won't be drawn into Mrs Lauga's whirlpool of drama, particularly not when Mrs Lauga has not done enough homework to realise the Fair Work Act was written by Bill Shorten during the Gillard Government."

The spokesperson also responded to Senator Watt.

"Ms Landry has no need to compete with a fly-in fly-out professional talker like Senator Watt," the spokesperson said.

"When it comes to fighting for jobs, Senator Watt's record is pretty flimsy given his involvement in the job-destroying asset sales of the Bligh Govenrment."

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