Larrikins join forces...

IF YOU love country music and trucks then Jayne Denham and Travis Sinclair's new Grew Up Round Trucks tour will be just your thing.

The country music stars have teamed up for this special tour after talking about it for years.

Jayne said people had always said they should tour together.

"It's a no brainer it would be fun, and finally we have made it happen," she said.

"We both love trucks, country music and love a good laugh so our show will bring all that plus being true larrikins we will have some surprises up our sleeve just to keep you all guessing.

"Travis will be pulling out some songs from his albums that he has not done for years so I know his fans will love that. I am excited to also have my dancers back to perform with me which is always a show stopper."

Travis said he still enjoyed performing Kick the Kenny, the song that got his career started and the one that people still request.

For Jayne, Addicted to the Diesel is just "one of those songs once it's in ya head you're addicted, excuse the pun".

"It is my favourite song to perform live as it is so high energy."

To help promote the concert, which is being held at the Rooty Hills RSL on Saturday, October 4 at 8pm, the pair have made a series of YouTube videos.

"What started out as us filming a little promo video for Facebook with my iPad, ended up becoming bigger than Ben-Hur," Jayne said.

"Two of my mates, decided to come on the road trip to Travis's and offered to film it properly.

"Then Travis got a call from our good mate Rocket saying he was passing through and would we like to use his truck.

"I just about went bananas knowing how cool his truck was.

"There was so much footage of us being clowns and all the bloopers etc we decided to make it into a fun promo campaign via YouTube."

Travis and Jayne have performed at different events together over the years but this one will be the first show together under the Grew Up Round Trucks banner.

They are also playing at the Blazes in Tamworth on Thursday, January 22 and will roll the tour on for the next 12 months.

See for more details of the concerts.

To see the video, search for Grew Up Round Trucks on

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