Lauren Brant opens up about struggle of motherhood
Lauren Brant opens up about struggle of motherhood

Hi-5 star ‘not coping’ with motherhood

AUSTRALIAN actor and former member of Australian children's musical group Hi-5, Lauren Brant, has opened up about the often unspoken side of motherhood, candidly revealing that she is struggling to cope with her seven-month old son, Miller.

"So today ... has sucked!" the new mother wrote on Instagram, alongside a post of her with a pram in the background.

"I love Miller with all my heart and I love being a mother, HIS mother! But today ... I realised that I have not been kind enough to myself and this is a HUGE problem because when I get run down, agitated or sad, Im a lesser mum."

Brant, 28, met her partner, former AFL star Barry Hall while filming I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! in South Africa in 2015. They announced the birth of their baby boy, Miller, in May 2017.

The former reality contestant spoke honestly about a clingy phase her son was currently experiencing.

"Miller has become extremely needy of me and with that, is not sleeping well at all ... ever. He is constantly trying to get close to me, hold my face, feel my skin against his and get comfort from breastfeeding. I love that he loves me that much, but I feel drained and so damn exhausted."

When she does get time to herself, she said, she often finds it overwhelming to be productive.

"So when I find myself with a spare hour - I try do everything at once and then NOTHING gets done and then, I feel completely frustrated."

The South African-Australian television personality highlighted the need to find "balance" as a mother.

"I really need to find balance again, cause today - I admit I am just not coping. I know I'll get my mojo back and I know Miller and I will work it out. I just have to remind myself that I can't look after everyone and I can't do everything all the time - because I loose me!

"Please tell me this is a normal 'phase?' Otherwise I might just run away and live with an isolated tribe in Africa!!!"

Commenters flooded the post with messages of support and advice.

"Definitely a phase as you say and yes you'll definitely figure it out so you can come up with another pattern that will work for you but it can get frustrating at times," one mother reassured Brant.

"Perfectly normal, we mothers have all been there. I remember all too well how hard the early days were, I promise things get better," another mother said.

Others were praising Brant for being so open and honest.

"I so appreciate the honesty of this post. I love my 16 month old but I'm not always the best mother when I'm tired. But I'm learning that a bad day is usually followed by a better day, rarely two bad days in a row," a fellow new mother said.

Another applauded Brant: "If only more mum's were honesty we'd all realise how normal this is."

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