Back Alley kids colour your world

A NEW wave of impressionist art is sweeping through an alley in Fingal Head and it is straight from the hands of children.

What started out as a children’s birthday party in Healy Lane, a back corridor shared by about seven houses, has evolved into “The Back Alley Gallery”.

Hannah Cutts, one of the mothers behind the art movement, has two boys who skateboard a lot and said it was nice to see them doing something like this.

“The youngest there was around three and the oldest 14; we just bought big sheets of paper, some masking tape to stick them up and the kids painted for ages,” said Ms Cutts, who currently runs an advertising company and used to be an illustrator.

Ms Cutts said the impromptu gallery came about when her neighbour Katy Clarke, who also has two boys, brought out trestle tables and paints and the kids got really excited.

Ms Cutts said she was surprised at how long the kids were able to concentrate on their paintings.

“The kids were so proud after we put up ‘The Back Alley Gallery’ sign and a neighbour got some fold-out chairs so people could sit and look at their work,” she said.

The neighbours are encouraging people to come and have a look and maybe even get some inspiration for their own version of the gallery.

If you have ever been to an art gallery and enjoyed the bright colours and elementary shapes with a childlike quality, then The Back Alley Gallery will be for you.

But unlike other galleries the price tags are more agreeable at only $5 per painting, with all proceeds going back to the artist.

The children will be painting and exhibiting again on Sunday, December 6 at 5pm in Healy Lane, Fingal Head.

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