Swimmers on parade, Sophie Edington with Matt Abood and Abbey Watt in the super-comfy swimwear.
Swimmers on parade, Sophie Edington with Matt Abood and Abbey Watt in the super-comfy swimwear.

Let's bring back 'the perv' to the pool

THE world swimming titles are a joke, and it is no surprise that few people are taking the fact that world records are being broken constantly too seriously.

The fact that FINA has been slow to do anything about high-tech swim suits - and even when they did, they are simply stepping back in time - makes the governing body just as farcical.

But we Aussies also need to pull our heads in a bit - after all, weren't we the ones wearing the Speedo suits and breaking records not so long ago and the rest of the world was bleating about it?

The answer is simple - bring back the budgie smugglers for blokes and the tight-fitting one-pieces for the girls!

Apart from putting everyone on a far more even playing field (or swimming pool) it's a good perv and better than looking at people dressed up and looking like techno penguins!

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THE news about Karmichael Hunt's switch to AFL has certainly got the punters talking.

There's only one thing I want to say - good luck to him and I wish him all the best!

It's a big challenge for the guy, but when you consider what he has achieved in league at the tender age of 22, you have to ask, what more is there for him in the code?

It's also a load of rubbish the doomsayers predicting rugby league is under fire from AFL.

The biggest threat to rugby league comes from within.

Look at the poor behaviour of players and certain coaches, the lack of pro-active leadership from the NRL executive and the lack of junior promotion and development when compared to other codes.

In this regard, the AFL is leading the charge and soccer, thanks to the A-League, isn't that far behind.

Hunt's move is merely a new obstacle rugby league has to deal with.

Anyone, sportsperson or otherwise, is completely within their right to pursue fresh career paths which they think may benefit themselves and/or their families.

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THE Cronulla Sharks should be applauded for appointing two women to their club board.

They virtually had to do something drastic to try and help shake off all the bad publicity the Sharks had attracted this year and this is a positive move in many ways.

Apart from showing Cronulla is serious about improving its position and image; I think by having two knowledgeable women from the business sector onboard may help the club financially in terms of money management and attracting sponsorship.

Who cares whether these women come from league backgrounds. If they can turn around the club's huge financial misfortunes and get Cronulla back in the black, it can only be a good thing.

Besides, the Sharks have had people in charge with league backgrounds and look where that has got them?

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THE world is really turning on its head with league players going to AFL, women appointed to league club boards and now Berrick Barnes defecting from Queensland to become a Blue.

He isn't the first Red to head south to further his rugby union career and who would begrudge him wanting to go to a rugby franchise that has a hope of winning the title.

The Reds have been terrible, and I think Barnes can see that he will be an old man before they look like winning the title.

He is better off with the Waratahs, if they decide to let their talented backline have its head.

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