Life's too short to do housework - let us do it for you!

LIFE is too short for ironing undies and polishing silverware. 

It's too short to spend hours vacuuming floors and scrubbing soap scum. 

So let us handle that for you!

To celebrate our latest series Hey Mumma, we've teamed up with Omo to bring you possibly the best competition we've ever run - a house cleaner for a whole year! 

To top it off, Omo is throwing in a year's supply of Omo Ultimate washing detergent to make the deal even sweeter. 

If you haven't already fallen over, get your name in now. 

Entering takes about 15 seconds and if you win, it will save you three hours a week over 52 weeks.

That's 156 hours across the year - so much more time for activities! 

One person in the Australian Regional Media footprint will win the ultimate prize but there are 15 runner-up prizes up for grabs and each is six months supply of Omo Ultimate. 

To enter, HEAD HERE.

Competition closes midnight July 17 and the winner will be drawn July 29. 

Winners will need to call in personally to our office to collect their prize or sign up for the cleaner. 

Check out the rest of Hey Mumma HERE

School on the Hill turns 100

School on the Hill turns 100

Former and current students and families are invited to celebrate

Cyclone Owen to wreak havoc with up to 400mm of rain

Cyclone Owen to wreak havoc with up to 400mm of rain

Residents warned to take action as destructive winds bear down.

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