Premier Campbell Newman
Premier Campbell Newman john mccutcheon

OPINION: LNP failed to listen to Queensland on assets

THE enormous swing against the LNP highlights the fundamental failure of the Newman Government to do the most basic of tasks.

It just didn't listen.

The people spoke loudly against asset sales when the party first tried to sell it through a statewide survey.

The LNP then tried to do a swifty, calling it asset leasing.

But soaring electricity prices, as well as huge cost of living increases, meant Queenslanders were not going to swallow it.

They had already been burnt by former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie's promise that electricity prices would fall under privatisation.

ROLLING COVERAGE: Queensland has new Premier after LNP bloodbath

Throughout the campaign, Campbell Newman failed to take the tough questions.

He continually spoke of his strong plan which was completely dependent on flogging off the family home.

He came across as arrogant and untrustworthy.

The fact that the LNP was backed by the Courier-Mail was further evidence that the big end of town was behind the conservatives.

News Corp's biased coverage during the campaign was appalling.

Its agenda was clear with the front page headlines claiming bikies were backing Labor, followed up by a front page endorsement of Mr Newman last Sunday.

The growth of social media, and alternative, independent news sources meant the paper's view mattered little in the end.

Federally, the LNP has a lot to learn also from the Queensland result.

Tony Abbott's bizarre decision to give Prince Philip a Knighthood no doubt contributed to the conservatives' woes.

It showed how out of touch the Prime Minister was with the feelings of ordinary Australians.

Perhaps, if anything is to be learnt from all this is Australia is looking to see 'real people', not the creation of spin doctors and campaign strategists, as their leaders.

Annastacia Palaszczuk came across as warm and compassionate.

Let's hope she remains real for Queensland. And let's hope Labor demonstrates a far great ability to manage the economy and debt than it did in its previous term.

Otherwise it could be a very short lived celebration.

Mark Furler is APN Australian Regional Media's group digital editor. He has been a journalist based on the Sunshine Coast for almost 30 years.


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