LNP fights against snapper ban

THE LNP today moved in State Parliament to disallow Labor’s ban on snapper fishing.

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries Ray Hopper said the LNP’s disallowance motion would compel the Bligh government to debate its ban on snapper fishing on the floor of Parliament.

“Labor has used a regulation in the Fisheries Act to bring in the ban without proper debate,” Mr Hopper said.

“The LNP’s disallowance motion will force the Minister and Labor Members to speak on the ban because up till now they’ve gone into hiding and left departmental officers to wear the anger and all the questions at public meetings.”

Mr Hopper said the LNP understood the widespread frustration in the fishing community about the way the snapper ban had been introduced without proper consultation.

“Everyone knows the data being used by the Bligh government to justify the ban is dodgy and its plan to slug boat owners $90 to fish for snapper is just a tax on fishing.

“It’s another cash grab by Labor to cover for its years of under-funding the Fisheries department and fishing inspectors and failing to police catch sizes and bag limits.”

Mr Hopper called on the Minister to bring the debate on immediately.

“But I strongly suspect the Premier and the Minister will delay the debate as long as possible in hope that the heat will die down in a couple of months.”

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