Prue McKenzie with ferret Sebastian at Tweed RSPCA's shelter.
Prue McKenzie with ferret Sebastian at Tweed RSPCA's shelter. Blainey Woodham

Lone ranger Sebastian ferrets for new home

A LONE ferret has made its way to the Tweed's RSPCA and is looking for a new home.

The furry creature ventured over the border from Queensland, where they are illegal to own without a permit.

The staff at the Tweed RSPCA have named him Sebastian and say ferrets make a fantastic family pet, as long as there are no cats or rabbits already in the household.

"He is about one year old and definitely needs someone who can give him a lot of attention because they can get lonely if they don't have company," Prue McKenzie, who works at the shelter, said.

Ferrets are definitely a rarity at the shelter and this one will remain in foster care while it receives standard medical treatment including de-sexing, vaccination and worming. It will be available for adoption in about a week at a cost of $95.

Meanwhile the RSPCA's rabbit sanctuary is built for 12 rabbits, but the centre currently has 17 of them desperately looking for a new home.

Rabbits cost the centre about $200 to de-sex, worm and vaccinate, but they sell them for a much smaller sum of $50 each.

"Each rabbit has a different personality so you definitely should come in and spend some time with them before you decide on the one that best suits you and your family.

"They live for about 10 years so you need to be sure you've got the right one," centre manager Lesley Haggart said.

Rabbits are illegal pets in Queensland but not NSW.

Ferret facts

Illegal to own in Qld but allowed in NSW

Come from North America where they are rated as third most common uncaged pet

Part of the weasel family which includes skunks, weasels, otters and badgers

Need a diet of dry kitten food, mince, vegetables and other soft foods such as oats

Live for 8-10 years

Can have a powerful smell

Playful and affectionate

Quite aggressive towards cats and rabbits

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