Mad Dog proved a treasure for Aussie Pickers TV

WHEN Australia's version of American Pickers came to the Tweed Coast there was only one place they could go and one person to call.

Enter Phil "Mad Dog" Davison and his home at Upper Crystal Creek.

Aussies Pickers is about a bunch of wild and woolly characters scouring the country, looking to turn one man's trash into another's treasure and the show has now hit Australia.

With an entourage of nine film crew and two extras for management you would expect Mr Davison to feel a bit uncomfortable, but Mad Dog said it was an enjoyable experience and he enjoyed bargaining with them.

Filming started on February 9 and lasted the whole day (with a free lunch thrown in) and Mad Dog was able to haggle for a few items.

He ended selling a bellows from a blacksmiths in Kyogle, an old push bike (that he might have given away) and a large fire surround, which was made of oak with three mirrors complete with bevelled edges.

"I sold a couple of bits and pieces, like old keys, a pan and some stuff I didn't even know was in the shed," he said.

"One of the main items the picker's crew was interested in was an old motorbike.

"But I didn't sell it," Mad Dog said.

One of the guys was keen on motorcycles, but Mad Dog wasn't keen to let it go so he sold him some other "stuff" instead.

If you want to watch the episode now you will have to wait for the re-run scheduled for the end of March.

Mad Dog's appearance was in the second episode of the series on Foxtel's A&E channel. One of Picker's famous finishers is the wave out at the end of the show, but things don't always go as planned.

"On the way out for the filming of the final wave they were backing out and ran over one of the big plastic lunch boxes, all you could hear was a big crunch/crack," he said.

The picker's crew were forced to come back inside the gate and redo the final wave again, much to Mad Dog's amusement.

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