Man asks for a ‘home in jail'

IN WHAT can only be described as heart-breaking tragedy, a 22-year-old man got his wish when he was sentenced to prison after deliberately committing a crime and then going to police to tell them about it.

Jacob Robert Searle, sat in the dock of Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday and told Magistrate Maxine Baldwin "I do not want a court order parole".

The court heard Searle was given bail on Monday when he appeared to answer two charges of entering premises to commit an indictable offence and he breached that bail the next day when he failed to keep a condition of that bail, namely he was not at the address set down by the bail, between the hours he was meant to be there.

"He's not trying to get out of punishment," Searle's legal representative Greg Wildie said, to which Mrs Baldwin replied "I know, he dobbed himself in and broke the Intensive Correction Order so he could go to prison".

Mrs Baldwin told Searle she understood he believed the only stability for him was jail where he was guaranteed of a place to sleep and getting meals, but there were other options available although it would take a lot of work from him.

"You had gone a long way into your ICO and then you picked up a rock and threw it at a Madills window.

"Take advantage of rehabilitation while you are in jail.

"You can't press rewind at the end of your life.

"It's up to you. You can do it because you almost made it this time.

"You've got to live by the choices you make and when you come out of jail you can make better choices."

Mrs Baldwin said businesses had been violated and owners lost money "they could ill afford in these economic circumstances".

"People have the right to protect what's theirs.

"People are working hard for little return at the moment."

Searle was sentenced to 14 months jail to be paroled on June 17, 2012. When he said from the dock that he didn't want the court order parole, Mrs Baldwin responded: "I can't help that, Jacob".

"I know you don't want to come out of jail but I cannot lock people up for as long as they want."

Gympie Times

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