Man 'broke into 11 parking meters'

A MAN has been charged with breaking into 11 parking meter machines while using a key lost by a Toowoomba Regional Council parking inspector.

The pay and display parking meter machines were broken into in the city, East Toowoomba and South Toowoomba between Tuesday and Thursday last week.

Each machine can hold thousands of dollars in cash.

Toowoomba Police Sergeant Vern Holcombe said officers executed a search warrant at the 28-year-old accused’s home in South Toowoomba on Friday afternoon.

It will be alleged police discovered coins and other property at his residence.

Sgt Holcombe said the man was arrested on Sunday night and charged with 11 counts of stealing from a locked receptacle; possessing suspected stolen property and property suspected of being used in a crime; possessing dangerous drugs; failing to dispose of a syringe; and disqualified driving.

Police found empty cash boxes from the parking meters in East Toowoomba last week.

It is not known how much cash the accused allegedly took from the machines.

The parking inspector said he had lost the key in transit.

However, it is possible the key was left in one of the parking meter machines.

The accused appeared in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court yesterday afternoon and applied for bail. He was remanded in custody and will reappear in court today for the bail decision.

The Chronicle requested information from police last week in relation to the thefts.

However, council had asked police to delay releasing details until an arrest had been made.

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