UPDATE 4pm: Bolsover St resident Ruth McCrae says crashes are happening too often near her home.

Ms McCrae said the Stanley/East and Stanley/Bolsover intersections were "two of the worst in the city".

She was among those on scene quickly after a dramatic three-vehicle collision at the Stanley and East streets intersection earlier today.

Ms McCrae said she heard the crash from her home and went to see if she could help.

"We've had some accidents on these corners," Ms McCrae said.

She said late last year her partner had raced to a rollover and helped pull a man out of a vehicle.

"We're always hearing the screeching of tyres," Ms McCrae said.

She said some drivers raced through the area with little regard for anyone's safety.

The volume of large trucks also added to the problems. 

UPDATE 11.50am: BRODIE Smith says he is lucky to be alive after being involved in a horror crash in the Rockhampton CBD this morning.

He can remember his food truck utility sliding for a "fair bit" before flipping and landing on top of another driver's station wagon.

The Gracemere resident said he was tee-boned by an elderly man in a grey Corolla who failed to give way at the intersection between East and Stanley Streets this morning at around 10.20am.

He was shaken but otherwise unharmed as he recalled the horror of the accident.

"I was just driving west down Stanley St heading back to the shop and old mate in this car (grey Corolla) failed to give way and he tee-boned me right in the centre and sent the car into a slide," Brodie explained.

"And then during the slide it fired in and rolled on its roof. It felt like it slid for a bit but then it hit the station wagon. I managed to get myself out of the car and got around and saw that the old lady was under the car and so I went and saw if she was ok and then other people got in the car and sat with her to help her and the other guy.

"She managed to get herself out but went straight into the ambulance."

Brodie said his ordeal was frightening but felt more concern for the lady who driving the station wagon.

"I do feel lucky, pretty amazing actually," he said.

"I was very shaken up, I had to sit down. I think the lady in the commodore was a lot more shaken than me, she thought I was still in the car. For a big fridge to be on top of you is scary. It would have to be a 500kg box, having that right above you would be pretty damn frightening.

"Everybody says that it's a dangerous street, even the police. I just got unlucky I think, wrong place wrong time.

"I am fine now, probably have to go back to work. Fortunately I feel fine enough to go to work on my own will." 

UPDATE 11am: Police are investigating the cause of a three-vehicle crash on the corner of East and Stanley sts.

Rockhampton police Senior Sergeant Max Bennett said it appeared a vehicle traveling north had gone through the intersection and collided with a ute, which was traveling along Stanley St.

Snr Sgt Bennett said the initial collision forced the ute to roll and it ended up on top of a Holden station wagon, which was traveling in the opposite direction along Stanley St.

He said fortunately it appeared those involved had only suffered shock injuries.

"The scene looks a lot worse than it is," Snr Sgt Bennett said.

He said a police investigation would determine the exact cause of the crash and "if necessary further action will be taken".

Snr Sgt Bennett said speed was not thought to have played a part.


10.40AM: Two people have been transported to hospital after a three-vehicle crash in the CBD this morning.



  • A truck has landed on top of a car in a three-vehicle crash in the Rockhampton CBD this morning
  • A male in his 80s and a female in her 30s were two of three patients assessed by QAS
  • The man and woman were transported to hospital
  • The accident occurred on the corner of Stanley and East Streets, blocking the road between East and Bolsover St
  • All three vehicles have been towed and the road cleared.


9.50AM: EMERGENCY services are responding to reports of a crash where one vehicle is on top of another.

Reports indicate the crash is on the corner of East and Stanley streets and involves three vehicles.

The road is blocked between East and Bolsover Streets on Stanley St and is expected to remain blocked for some time.

The Queensland Ambulance Service has assessed three patients at the scene with one man in his 80s and one woman in her 30s to be transported to hospital.

Reports indicate the vehicles involved in the accident will be towed soon and the road will be cleared.

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