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Man looking for lost 1970s love via YouTube "not lovesick"

UPDATE: THE man who took to YouTube to try and find his lost love from the 1970s, has posted an update on his YouTube account.

Yesterday, Jpl Pays posted a second video writing: "Still trying to get more infos [sic] about Kate Bridgid Morris (maiden name). For me no news is no just no good news."

He went on to justify why he is looking for this Kate Morris and his intentions. 

"I am not lovesick or a crazy dirty old man (as I have a family) but ambling down memorylane in hope of at least restoring a good friendship."

In a message at the start of his latest video he has also written: "I don't want to disturb her present life and upset her family if any, just be friends if possible. I wish to learn she had a happy life thereafter."

His first video has now had more than 22,000 views with people all over the world sharing it. 

On APN ARM's Facebook pages alone, people embraced his quest, sharing the story in the hope to help him find her.

Many have also taken to the internet to do their own investigations and hopefully help him track her down, commenting on his YouTube video with links to Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts and other webpages that could be her or might contain information about her.

So far however, he has not been able to track her down.


EARLIER: A MAN has posted a video on YouTube of himself and his girlfriend in the 1970s in a bid to find her, nearly 45 years later.

The man, known only as his YouTube user name, Jpl Pays posted the video a week ago writing: "HELP find the girl of my early 20ies [twenties] in 1970/1. Her maiden name is Kate (Brigid) Morris. She must be now in her early 60ies [sixties].

"At that time she lived 19a Queen's Crescent Edinburgh and was a hairdresser in her uncle's salon near the meadows while studying in the evening in the Edinburgh College of Commerce in Sighthill. She speaks French and holidayed in Clermont Fd.

"I was a language assistant in Edinburgh and life separated us as I went to study abroad. She then studied in Aberdeen and I lost..."

His video is a compilation of photographs of himself and Kate Morris when they were in their 20s.

Along side the photos he has written messages to Kate such as: " I should have said more often 'I love you'", "Not only were you beautiful but bright, witty and tender" and "Let's just be friends if you want". 

So far the video has only had around 300 views but people who have watched it have commented saying they have shared it and they hope he finds her.

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