GROCERY stores across the country at still copping major backlash from customers over the plastic bag ban which sees them having to bring their own bags or pay 15 cents extra for a reusable one.

There are now claims from some people that when they have brought their own bags they have been turned away.

One woman has lashed out at Woolworths on Facebook after claiming her father took his own bags to a NSW store but was told he was unable to use them because "they were branded with a competitor logo".

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She claims her father then paid for five Woolworths bags, adding that the staff didn't mention the free bags that are currently available, and told him he needed multiple bags to pack items separately.

"There was no mention or offer whatsoever of these so called complimentary bags that are supposedly available until July 8," she wrote.

"To also tell a customer that you're unable to pack one item in with another when they've said they are OK with it and force them to buy yet another bag for one single item is beyond ridiculous.

"We won't be shopping at any Woolies any more, we'll go back to Coles and Aldi where they don't care whose bag you use as long as you bring it with you."

Woolworths has said customers are welcome to bring any bags so long as they are clean. Dallas Kilponen/AAP
Woolworths has said customers are welcome to bring any bags so long as they are clean. Dallas Kilponen/AAP

Another woman took to the store's Facebook page to complain about a similar incident, claiming a cashier told her "I won't use Coles bags", despite them apparently not even being Coles brand.

"The two bags in question weren't even Coles bags, they were Best & Less, why does it matter what bags we use as long as they are clean (these two were brand new as only had got them yesterday)," she wrote.

"Very unhappy with the comment."

But other customers have jumped to the store's defence, saying they have used different branded bags with no issues.

"I went today with Aldi bags no problem," one person said.

Another added: "Woolworths has been accepting bags from other stores for years. Bringing your own bag is not a new thing. If this story is true, the girl needs to be retrained."

A Woolworths spokesperson told that customers should get in contact with them if they have concerns about begs being refused.

"Customers are welcome to bring any bags they like when shopping at Woolworths, so long as they're clean and hygienic for our team to handle," the spokesperson said.

It's not just Woolworths customers that claim to have had issues with bringing their own bags, with one woman saying a Coles cashier refused to even touch hers.

"You say no more plastic bags, all good, will re-use ones we have from home. Go to store and the check-out lady informs us she is not allowed to touch them. What a joke!" she wrote on the Coles Facebook page.

"The hypocritical part is that there is still plastic bags in the fruit 'n' veg section and the lady handled those."

A Coles spokesperson told that customers can bring in a "bag of their choice" to pack their groceries into.

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