Mark Hunt's sparring lesson for Broncos before MMA showdown

MMA: Australian heavyweight Mark Hunt says Brisbane Broncos forward Josh McGuire could have a crack at the UFC after finishing his rugby league career.

McGuire, a huge fan of UFC and Hunt, fan put on the gloves for a quick sparring session in Brisbane with the Kiwi-born, Sydney-based cage fighter who said he was ready to "go to war" with American Frank Mir on Sunday.

"He's young enough, you just saw his moves - he's quite strong, he could give it a crack for sure," quipped Hunt, adding he was ready to punch Mir into a pulp in their battle at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Mir, a submission specialist, has threatened he would break Hunt's leg if he didn't "tap out", a threat Hunt shrugged off after meeting Broncos and fellow Samoan representative stars McGuire and Anthony Milford at Red Hill on Thursday.

"It's just idle threats and words; I don't really care what he says he's going to do to me," Hunt said.

"Disrespectful? no, that's just his game, I will show him my respect on Sunday when I am punching his face in."

Hunt repeated previous comments that he would enter the Octagon on Sunday against Mir prepared to die.

"I'm ready to die, that's my job. I'm ready to give my life in there as a part of trying to be the best fighter on the planet.
"I don't know if he is, but I am."

Asked if that was the mentality needed to get into the Octagon, he said: "Yeah, I feel I am the best fighter in the world, I have to feel like this, to feel I am ready.

"If he is going to break my leg, break it.

"His game will be to try and put me on the ground and submit me - my game will be to try and knock his face off.

"I'm ready to rumble."

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