Mayor backs trail bike track

NEARLY four years after trail bike riders stood in Tweed Shire Council’s public gallery calling for the council to “get off your backsides and provide somewhere” for them to ride, the wheels appear to be turning.

Councillors last week voted to hold talks with the NSW Canegrowers Association on their attitude to using council land off Eviron Road, which is currently leased for cane growing, as a trail-bike track.

Mayor Kevin Skinner said he would be pushing for the land to be made available to the bike riders even if some nearby landowners object to the potential noise.

Three-and-a-half years ago a proposal to use an acreage area of bushland on land nearby, which is also close to the council’s Tweed Valley Lawn Cemetery was quashed by the then council administrators after complaints from neighbours and claims that the noise would disturb mourners and people visiting the cemetery.

“I’m extremely hopeful we can come to some sort of understanding with any affected landholders,” Cr Skinner said yesterday.

“It’s been a long process trying to find somewhere these kids can safely rider their motorbikes.”

Three councillors voted against investigating the use of the Eviron council land for a bike track – councillors Barry Longland, Katie Milne and Joan van Lieshout.

Cr Longland said he was concerned about the proximity of the cemetery.

“I won’t be supporting it because of the noise issue,” he said.

Long-time campaigner for a trail-bike track Paul O’Brien, who runs a motorcycle workshop in Murwil- lumbah, said it was good news that the council was investigating the use of its Eviron land by bike riders.

Cr Warren Polglase said the bike riders “have been hunted from place to place for the past 10 years”.

At a fiery council meeting in June 2007 the council administrators rejected plans for a trail-bike track on private land also near the Eviron cemetery.

At the time more than 100 people crammed into the gallery with another 50 straining to hear from outside.

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