Mayor says no to party politics

Tweed mayor Barry Longland says he won't be a party to party politics.
Tweed mayor Barry Longland says he won't be a party to party politics. John Gass

TWEED mayor Barry Longland has lashed out at party politics claiming there was no room in the Tweed Shire Council for extremism.

Cr Longland said he was comfortable declaring himself "the man in the middle."

"I have maintained from the commencement of this election campaign that extremism is counterproductive for an effective council," Cr Longland said.

"Where both extremes are uncompromising in their approach to decisions they negate good outcomes for the shire.

"The extremes of politics in the Tweed have confirmed my place as the man in the middle when it comes to balanced, fair and responsible decisions for Tweed residents.

"An effective councillor will have the ability to extract shared values and common ground in order to bring about necessary reforms and progress, without an association to party politics."

Cr Longland had previously said in the council chamber that he was frustrated that any plan to increase water storage in the Tweed had stalled because of uncompromising ideologies.

"If you want to be part of a team then there is no room for uncompromising ideologies," Cr Longland said.

Cr Longland said he believed there was an opportunity to get things done after the election with the addition of new councillors.

"I think there are a number of new candidates coming into the council after Saturday," he said.

"That way we can be progressive and work towards reforms in the council."

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