PREDICTION: Conor McGregor's coach says the Irishman will beat Floyd Mayweather easily.
PREDICTION: Conor McGregor's coach says the Irishman will beat Floyd Mayweather easily. John Locher

McGregor's coach makes two predictions

ANYONE who has followed Conor McGregor's career knows his coach John Kavanagh is an honest, logical and reasonable man.

He's probably been caught up in the unprecedented hype of his charge's megafight against boxing champion Floyd Mayweather a little, playing promoter at times with some playful banter on social media.

But generally speaking, Kavanagh isn't one to overdo it with hyperbole.

Which, if you're a McGregor fan, makes his official prediction for how Sunday's bout is going to down ridiculously exciting.

Kavanagh is already describing McGregor as "one of the best boxers in the world" and is just as confident in his fighter's chances as the Mayweather camp is in the pound-for-pound champ.

"I feel this is a very interesting fight (because) both camps have such high expectations," Kavanagh told the Mac Life.

"A lot of time you go into an MMA fight and you expect to win, but there's a possibility of losing.

"On their side of things, they don't expect Conor to land a punch. They don't expect to win - they expect to be an absolute walk in the park.

"And I can honestly say, I don't expect this to be the hardest fight of all time for Conor. I expect him to go in there and completely dominate.

"So, one of us is living in a delusion. But I really find it hard to imagine anything else other than Conor really putting on a clinic and really just destroying him. That's if I'm being genuinely honest.

"I'll finish by saying, at the end of the day, it's a sporting contest."

This week marked first anniversary of McGregor's historic win against Nate Diaz in their rematch at UFC 202.

Kavanagh, who has been by McGregor's side his entire career, sat down to watch a replay and was blown away by the growth he's seen in his pupil's striking.

"I read somewhere a big part of him (McGregor) getting the licence for this (Mayweather fight) was based on their viewing of the Diaz II fight - in terms of his hands," Kavanagh said.

"For me a year later, watching him in that fight, I know that guy wouldn't do five or six boxing rounds with this guy. He has gone to a complete new level."

Kavanagh gave a slightly more detailed prediction of how he expects the action to proceed on Sunday in an interview on the MMA Hour on Tuesday morning, saying he can see it going one of two ways.

"When the two of them walk to the middle, one of them has to take a back step. If Floyd takes a back step, which I believe he will, then I predict round six," Kavanagh said.

"That's my prediction on it. I think for the first five rounds, he will back up, he will lie on the ropes the way he does, he will cover up and try to just absorb, and try to wear Conor down. That's how I think he'll approach the fight.

"If he doesn't take a back step, and we'll all see it - we'll all see their feet, we'll all see who walks backwards - if he walks forward and exchanges, it'll be a one-round fight. It'll be over in a minute.

"Because he'd be fighting in such a way that's not normal to him, he won't have had time to develop the skillset for an aggressive exchanging fighter.

"Like I said, I didn't know a lot about Floyd before this, but I did watch his fights for his defensive work.

"So for him to go in there and try to trade with Conor and not walk backwards, would be so alien to him but so normal for Conor.

"That's exactly what Conor's the best at. He'll be unconscious in a minute.

"He'll feint and throw a jab or something, Conor will walk forward, (Mayweather will) back up, and he'll aim to just pot-shot, cover up, cover up, pot-shot, clinch, pot-shot, and just try to get through the first couple of rounds.

"As I believe that will be the case, that will be the scenario, I think round six, Conor's hand is raised."

The fight is available to watch in Australia via Foxtel's pay-per-view channel, Main Event. Customers can order the fight for a $59.95, with coverage starting at 11am on Sunday. ORDER HERE

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