DON'T worry, when Murwillumbah's Racheal Ambler tells people she bakes babies in the oven it's not nearly as sinister as it sounds.

The mother of three young children operates Twinkle Tots Reborn Nursery and specialises in making baby dolls so real its uncanny.

"There's people who think they look creepy because they look so real," Mrs Ambler said.

"And when people hear you say you're baking babies in the oven it sounds a bit crazy."

However, Mrs Ambler comes across as a kind-hearted woman, even selling her dolls at cost price to those in need.

"I guess the most rewarding is the memorial babies," she said.

Memorial babies are dolls created in memory of babies who have died.

"My husband said 'oh geez why would you want a baby to remind you,'" she said.

"But if I lost a child I would want something to remember them by."

Mrs Ambler is not the first person to create reborn dolls, with the craze proving quite extensive, especially in the United States.

In fact, she will be attending the two day Down East Doll Show in North Carolina and jets off on June 18 when she will show-off her dolls and meet some likeminded artists.

"The US is going to be crazy," she said.

"It's going to be eight days and it's like thousands of people go to this doll show.

"It'll be so overwhelming, I've never been out of Australia."

Mrs Ambler started creating the dolls over three years ago and has been improving ever since.

"Now I do their hair with a single needle and a single hair," she said.

"The more dolls you make and the more time you spend, you get better."

The doting mum spends countless hours making her dolls, when she gets a break from her kids, but would not have it any other way.

"I don't make a big deal of my dolls, it's sort of like my passion," she said.

"My husband jokes that he hasn't seen me in six months.

"At first he probably thought I was a bit mad."

Mrs Ambler said she knew some people found her dolls unnerving, but to her they were art, plain and simple.

She is clearly not alone, with one of her customers owning 14 of her unique creations.

See more of Mrs Amblers work at

Correction: Mrs Ambler's business was mistakenly called Tiny Tots Reborn Nursery in the story, instead of Twinkle Tots Reborn Nursery. Apologies for any confusion caused.

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